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Big Nepal Media "computer association of nepal" cit Nepal mos mercantile a list of ITT colleges in Nepal mercantile stock exchange nepal kantipur nepal_news nepal news nepal_media nepal_computer_summary nren nepal_telecom_authority nepal_telecom History * 1913 Establishment of first telephone lines in Kathmandu * 1914 Establishment of Open wire Trunk Link from Kathmandu to Raxaul (India) * 1935 Installation of 25 lines automatic exchange in Royal Palace * 1936 Installation of Open Wire Trunk line from Kathmandu to Dhankuta * 1950 Establishment of Telegram Service * 1950 Introduction to High frequency Radio System (AM) * 1950 Establishment of CB telephone exchange (100 lines) in Kathmandu * 1951 Installation of Open Wire Trunk line from Kathmandu to Palpa * 1955 Distribution of telephone line to general public * 1962 First Public Telephone Exchange in Kathmandu (300 lines CB) * 1964 Beginning of International Telecommunications Service using HF Radio to India and Pakistan * 1965 First Automatic exchange in Nepal (1000 lines in Kathmandu) * 1971 Introduction of Telex Services * 1974 Microwave transmission links establishment for internal trunk * 1982 Establishment of Standard "B" Type Earth Station for international circuits * 1982 Establishment of SPC telex exchange * 1983 Establishment of digital Telephone Exchange * 1984 Commencement of STD service * 1984 Reliable Rural Telecom Service (JICA) * 1987 Commencement of STD service * 1995 Installation of Optical Fiber Network * 1996 Conversion of all Transmission link to Digital transmission link * 1996 Automation of the entire Telephone Network * 1996 Independent Int. Gateway Exchange established * 1996 Introduction of VSAT services * 1997 Digital Link with D.O.T. India through Optical Fiber in Birgunj - Raxual * 1998 Direct Link with Bangladesh * 1999 Launching of GSM Mobile service * 2000 Implementation of SDH Microwave Radio * 2000 Launching of Internet Service * 2001 Launching of Payphone Service * 2002 East West Highway Optical Fiber Project * 2003 GSM Prepaid Service * 2004 NEPAL TELECOM (Transformation from Corporation to Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited) * 2004 Pre-paid Calling Card Service (IN Services) * 2005 Soft launch of CDMA * 2005 Access Network Services * 2005 Outsourcing of Enquiry Service (197) * 2006 PSTN Credit Limit Service - PCL (IN) * 2006 Home Country Direct Service - NepalDirect (IN) * 2006 MCC (198) Complaint Registration via IVR in Kathmandu Valley * 2006 CDMA Limited Services in Kathmandu Valley * 2007 Expansion of Internet Bandwidth through India-Nepal cross border optical link * 2007 National Roaming for CDMA Mobile (Sky Phone) * 2008 Introduction of ADSL Internet Service united telecom spice nepal Asia -Pacific advanced network apan what is broadband etc. Bikram Samwat (Nepal calendar) nepal airlines Medical and other transcription in Nepal SEACOM INTALSAT3 What "the news" looks like in NZ for the GICSN_Nepal people handler of TelecomNZ directory service Nepal NZ society SSPS lessons Computer Science Unplugged. If you ignore the "What Now?" style and the 'He googled me' financial backing, this is a valuable resource converging on GICSN principles of proper computing knowledge IRD Nepal Nepal oil corporation Indian Oil Corporation Fortune 500 companies 1 U.S. dollar tribhuvan airport Bir hospital central Kathmandu ayurvedic campus Kathmandu List of hositals in Nepal Tilgana Eye hospital Nepal teaching hospital Himalayan Eye hospital Pokhara video of chinese invasion and occupation of tibet. At time 30:02 it shows the way of teaching Chinese language used in Tibet China bank in Tibet riots sec 40

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