See this computer network in Cambodia see this Mae La camp video in Thailand E 20 E 20 E road network SPSS SPSS eritrea music germany update E20 updates For broad word entry when a word is being reduced to its lexeme form the program should check if that word is already in the data base. At the time if a word goes in like "breaking" and it is not in the data base and is reduced by the typist into break there is no way to know if "break" is in the data base. Enter straight into the browse data tables. At the moment there are large numbers of words in the data base with no phonetic which need to be phonetisised. set up for multiple users so pronounciation can be adjusted. one data set should have all words that have been entered by all users when a drop box is being highlighted the check box should be ticked automatically give possibility for alternate pronounciations for words 'a' and 'the' need letter frequency counter for machine We need to find out about different ways of approaching keyboard layout(unicode and others) for languages in each of the areas. For GICSN_Nepal we need to know keyboard layout for Nepali language, Newari, Tibetan, Hindhi For GICSN_Bharat we need to know about all official languages and beyond. For GICSN_Cambodia we need to know about Khmer/Cambodian For GICSN_Laos we need to know about Laos languages and others including Kamu. For GICSN_Burma/Thai we need to know about Burmese and Thai writing.